Top Ten Ancient Afghani Artifacts

Top Ten Ancient Afghani Artifacts

"Interior of the palace of Shauh Shujah Ool Moolk, Late King of Cabul"

       Tillya tepe, Tillia tepe or Tillā tapa (literally “Golden Hill” or “Golden Mound”) is an archaeological site in northern Afghanistan near Sheberghan, surveyed in 1979 by a Soviet-Afghan mission of archaeologists led by Victor Sarianidi, a year before the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. The hoard is a collection of about 20,000 gold ornaments that were found in six graves (five women and one man) with extremely rich jewelry, dated to around the 1st century BC. Altogether several thousand pieces of fine jewelry were recovered, usually made of gold, turquoise and/or lapis-lazuli. The ornaments include coins, necklaces set with gems, belts, medallions and crowns. A new museum in Kabul is being planned where the Bactrian gold will eventually be kept. The heavily fortified town of Yemshi-tepe, just five km to the northeast of modern Sheberghan on the road to Akcha, is only half a km from the now-famous necropolis of Tillia-tepe.

  1. Golden Jewelry

  2. Golden Ram Ornament

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  3. Bactrian Gold Crown

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  4. Bactrian Gold Necklace

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  5. Bactrian Aphrodite Gold Figurine (1st Century)

           This is known as the Bactrian Aphrodite and was found in tomb VI in Tillia tepe.
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  6. Bracelet (1st Century)

    These bracelets adorned with antelopes were found in a tomb in Tillia Tepe and currently reside in the Afghanistan National Museum.
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  7. Indian Coin (1st Century)

    Description: These gold coins were found in tomb IV of Tillia tepe.
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  8. Gold Earrings

  9. Seal Carved with a Griffon (1st Century)

    Description: This is a seal depicting a griffin, which was found in tomb V of Tillia Tepe. It currently resides in the Musée National d’Afghanistan.
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