Top Ten Paintings by Maurice Prendergast

Top Ten Paintings by Maurice Prendergast

       Maurice Brazil Prendergast was born on October 27, 1861-1924 in in St. John’s, Newfoundland (USA). When he was three years old, the family moved to Boston. Because they were not very rich, Maurice started working after his basic education at age 14, but he started sketching landscapes and cattle as well. In 1886 he and his brother went to Europe on a cattle boat. After their return to Boston, Maurice Prendergast realized that we wanted to go to Europe again and started saving some money for the trip. Finally in 1890 he managed to travel to Paris where he studied at the Colarossi Academy and the Academie Julien for a period of three years.

  1. Umbrellas in the Rain (1899)

  2. Salem Cove (1916)

  3. The Balloon (1898)

  4. St. Malo (1907)

  5. Splash of Sunshine and Rain (1899)

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  6. Docks, East Boston (1904)

  7. Central Park (1901)
    Central Park
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  8. Pincian Hill, Rome (1898)
    Pincian Hill, Rome
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  9. Fantasy (1917)

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  10. In Luxembourg Gardens (1917)

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  11. Autumn (1918)

  12. The Promenade (1913)

  13. Carnival, Franklin Park, Boston(1897)

  14. Rialto Bridge (1912)

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  15. After the Review (1895)

  16. St. Marks, Venice (1898)

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  17. South Boston Pier (1896)

  18. Easter Procession, St.Marks (1899)

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  19. Court Yard (1901)

  20. Festa del Redentore (1899)

  21. Figures Under the Flag (1903)

  22. Madison Square (1901)

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  23. Piazza di San Marco (1899)

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  24. Santa Maria Formosa, Venice (1912)

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  25. May Day, Central Park (1901)

  26. Handkerchief Point (1897)

  27. Summer Visitors (1896)

  28. In Central Park (1902)

  29. Sunlight on the Piazetta (1899)

  30. Revere Beach (1896)

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  31. Four Dancers (1915)

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  32. Bathing, Marblehead (1897)

  33. The Tuileries Gardens, Paris (1895)

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  34. Race Track (1896)
    Race Track
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  35. A Dark Day (1910)

  36. Woman in a Brown Coat (1912)
    Woman in a Brown Coat
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  37. Beach with Blue Tree (1918)

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  38. Grand Canal, Venice (1899)

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  39. Snow in April (1907)

  40. Rocky Coast Scene (1913)

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  41. Along the Seine (1894)

  42. Spring Flowers (1913)

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  43. Arc du Carousel , Le Louvre (1907)

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  44. The Pretty Ships (1896)
    The Pretty Ships
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