Top Ten Paintings by Paolo Uccello

Top Ten Paintings by Paolo Uccello

       Paolo Uccello (1397 – 10 December 1475), born Paolo di Dono, was an Italian painter and a mathematician who was notable for his pioneering work on visual perspective in art. Giorgio Vasari in his book Lives of the Artists wrote that Uccello was obsessed by his interest in perspective and would stay up all night in his study trying to grasp the exact vanishing point. He used perspective in order to create a feeling of depth in his paintings and not, as his contemporaries, to narrate different or succeeding stories. His best known works are the three paintings representing the battle of San Romano. Paolo worked in the Late Gothic tradition, and emphasized color and pageantry rather than the Classical realism that other artists were pioneering. His style is best described as idiosyncratic, and he left no school of followers.

  1. The Battle of San Romano (14440)
    File:Uccello Battle of San Romano Uffizi.jpg
  2. Saint George and the Dragon (1460)

  3. Resurrection of Christ (1445)

  4. Portraits of Giotto, Uccello, Donatello, Manetti and Bruno (1450)

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  5. Presentation of the Virgin in the Temple

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  6. Portrait of a Lady (1450)

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  7. The Rout of San Romano (1456)

  8. The Hunt in the Forest (1460)

  9. Crucifixion (1440)

  10. Creation of Eve (1436)

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  11. Corpus Domini Predella (1465-1468)
    File:Uccelo host burning.jpg
  12. Marble Dodecahedron Mosaic, St. Mark’s Basilica, Venice, Italy
    File:Marble floor mosaic Basilica of St Mark Vencice.jpg
    Marble mosaic showing a small stellated dodecahedron and a ring of hexagonal prisms, on the floor of St Mark’s Basilica, Venice.
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  13. Clock with Heads of Prophets (1443)
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