Top Ten Paintings by Elihu Vedder

Top Ten Paintings by Elihu Vedder

Elihu VedderElihu Vedder1

       Elihu Vedder (1836-1923) was an American symbolist painter, book illustrator, and poet, born in New York City. He is best known for his fifty-five illustrations for Edward FitzGerald’s translation of The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam (deluxe edition, published by Houghton Mifflin). Elihu Vedder was born February 26, 1836 in New York City, the son of Dr. Elihu Vedder Sr. and Elizabeth Vedder. His parents were cousins. His father, a dentist, decided to try his luck in Cuba and this had a profound impact on Elihu Jr.’s childhood. The remainder of his childhood was spent between his maternal grandfather Alexander Vedder’s house in Schenectady and a boarding school. His mother supported his goals to be an artist while his father reluctantly assented, convinced that his son should try a different occupation. His brother, Dr. Alexander Madison Vedder, was a Navy surgeon who witnessed the transformation of Japan into a modern culture while he was stationed there.

  1. The Cup of Death (1885)

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  2. The Cumaean Sibyl (1876)

  3. The Pleiades

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  4. The Questioner of the Sphinx (1863)
    The Questioner of the Sphinx
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  5. Elements Gazing on the First Man (1913)
    Elements Gazing on the First Man
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  6. The Water Nymph
    The Water Nymph
  7. The Three Fates

  8. Superest Invictus Amor
    Superest Invictus Amor
  9. Soul in Bondage (1892)
    Soul in Bondage
  10. The Sphinx of the Seashore (1880)

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  11. The Last Man
    The Last Man
  12. Dancing Girl (1871)
    Dancing Girl
  13. Roman Model Posing
    Roman Model Posing
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  14. The Greek Actor’s Daughter
    The Greek Actor’s Daughter
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  15. Greek Girls Bathing

  16. Head of Minerva
    Head of Minerva
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  17. The Throne of Saturn (1884)
    The Throne of Saturn
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  18. The Venetian Model
    The Venetian Model
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  19. Memory
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  20. Japanese Still Life

  21. Marsyas Enchanting the Hares

  22. The Artist and Students Before a Model
    The Artist and Students Before a Model
  23. Bonus: Underwater Fantasy
    Underwater Fantasy
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  24. The Morning Glory (1899)
    The Morning Glory
  25. The Dead Medusa
    The Dead Medusa
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