Top Ten Paraguayan Attractions

Top Ten Paraguayan Attractions

       Paraguay is a landlocked country in South America, bordered by Argentina, Brazil and Bolivia. Paraguay lies on both banks of the Paraguay River, which runs through the center of the country from north to south. Due to its central location in South America, it is sometimes referred to as Corazón de América, or the Heart of America. The Guaraní have been living in Paraguay since prior to the arrival of Europeans in the 16th century, when Paraguay became part of the Spanish colonial empire. Paraguay gained independence from Spain in 1811. As of 2009 the population was estimated at 6.3 million. The capital and largest city is Asunción, while the economic center of the country is Ciudad del Este. The official languages are Spanish and Guaraní, both being widely spoken in the country, with around 92% of the general population speaking Spanish and 98% speaking Guaraní. In 2010, Paraguay experienced the largest economic expansion in Latin America and the 2nd fastest in the world, only after Qatar.

  1. Asunción

           Asunción is the capital and largest city of Paraguay. The “Ciudad de Asunción” is an autonomous capital district not part of any department. The metropolitan area, called Gran Asunción, includes the cities of San Lorenzo, Fernando de la Mora, Lambaré, Luque, Mariano Roque Alonso, Ñemby, San Antonio, Limpio, Capiatá and Villa Elisa, which are part of the Central Department. The Asunción metropolitan area has more than 2 million inhabitants. The Municipality of Asunción is listed on the Asunción Stock Exchange, as BVPASA: MUA, a unique feature of any city. It is the home of the national government, principal port, and the chief industrial and cultural center of the country. Local manufacturing production includes footwear, textiles and tobacco products.
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  2. Ciudad del Este

           Ciudad del Este (Spanish for City of the East) is the 2nd largest city in Paraguay and capital of Alto Paraná Department, located at the Rio Paraná. Founded in 1957, it was originally called Puerto Flor de Lis, then until 1989 Puerto Presidente Stroessner, after Alfredo Stroessner. It is part of a triangle known as the Triple Frontier. It is linked to the Brazilian city of Foz do Iguaçu by the Friendship Bridge. The city is the seat of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Ciudad del Este.
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  3. Encarnación

           Encarnación is the capital city of the Paraguayan department of Itapúa, located at the south of the department, on the right-hand shore of the Paraná River, opposite Posadas, Argentina. The city has an area of 588 km² and a population of 93,497 (2002).
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